4 things to look for when choosing a remodeling contractor

Hiring a contractor for a remodel or repair can be one of the more nerve racking decisions while owning a home. If you have never been through the process, there are a few things to be aware to ensure you have the best possible experience and get what you want out of the project. Lexington Remodeling Services prides ourselves on being honest during all phases of a project. This helps our customers become aware of potential issues, avoid delays and stick to the agreed upon budget. If you are looking for ways to make your Lexington Home Remodel go as smoothly as possible, read our 4 tips below.

  1. Always get a written proposal from a prospective contractor. After the second meeting with Lexington Remodeling Services, customers will review our proposal letter that will include all work included and not included. Each proposal is customized to a customer’s request and can be adjusted depending on their home remodeling budget.
  2. Communication is key. If you’re getting ready to make a  investment on a remodeling project, it is important to be in close communication with your construction team, especially if the project could last several months. Lexington Remodeling Services will keep you updated during the initial meetings, status of pricing as well as through the design process. Be cautious of any contractors who shows up late without notice, takes multiple days to respond and does not meet deadlines during the initial sales process.
  3. Don’t proceed with a project without signing a contract. A contract is a great way to finalize all agreed upon work, material selections and drawings. This document is not just to protect the contractor, but also the homeowner. A good contract should have multiple sections of typical items regarding insurance, warranty, dispute resolution and unforeseen conditions. Lexington Remodeling Services also includes project specific details regarding scope of work, schedule, material selections and drawings indicating the work to be completed.
  4. What size of contractor is best for your specific remodel? Residential contractors can range from a 1-2 person company who does everything themselves, to a general contractor who manages multiple subcontractors for each specific trade. Lexington Remodeling Services is a general contractor with a list of trusted subcontractors to work alongside us to ensure your project is done with quality. We specialize in bathroom, kitchen and whole house remodels in Lexington, as well as additions and basements.

Bonus Tip: Ask to see an example of their work! As a home remodeling company in Lexington, we have built an extensive portfolio of the work we have completed. From full basement remodels to exquisite kitchen designs, our portfolio speaks for itself and we are happy to show it to anyone who is looking for a reputable, reliable home remodeling contractor in Lexington

Lexington Remodeling Services is here for all of your home remodeling needs. We pride ourselves on quality work, finishing our projects on time and within budget. With over 30 years of experience, we are here to work for you. We specialize in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, additions, basements and decks and more. To contact us, please call 859.797.6108 or fill out the email request form on the contact page of the website

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