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Bathroom Remodeling 

​Bathrooms are a vital aspect of our daily lives. Lexington Remodeling Services will consult with you on all bathroom designs to incorporate function, maintenance and ensuring your project will be the best possible investment.  We are here to advise on types of tile, bath tub and shower functionality, piping systems, exhaust and lighting and how all of this will apply to your bathroom.

​We have very little experience with remodeling or home repair and had no idea who to turn to. We took a chance with LRS, and were so glad we did. The team is wonderful to work with, they take the time to listen and kept us informed on activity, time schedules, cost, etc. They are very organized, punctual and true to their word. They are also very attentive and concerned with our thoughts and concerns. They are focused on achieving excellence with the project. They are also very neat with their work and went to great lengths to protect our home and cut down on dust. LRS is also focused on staying within or below budget. LRS is not cheap, but neither is the workmanship or quality. The cost was higher than we expected, but so was the quality, and overall experience. Besides our complete bathroom remodel the LRS team offered and was willing to do a couple other small projects for us. They made themselves available to us and have encouraged us to call on them any time we have a problem or need. We will use LRS again, and will make them our "go to" home repair company. We highly recommend LRS. - Allen M. 

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