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​As a professional home remodeling company, we work with you to design and install beautiful, quality decks specific to your needs so you can enjoy a sunny day with friends and family whenever you like.

Decks are a perfect way to transform your landscape or home. With the installation of a new deck, you will find yourself enjoying the full potential of your backyard. You will notice a change in your lifestyle. You’ll find yourself outside more, getting fresh air while doing chores, reading a book, or eating dinner on a nice summer night.

​I am not a lover of remodeling because of all the mess but the end result is worth it. The LRS helped by informing me of what to expect in the next few days. They informed me of time schedules and what I could do to help. They are very nice guys and found them easy to work with. I would do it again in a heartbeat. - Karen R.

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